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7 Best Moments From "The Bachelorette" Australia Hometown Visits

Georgia's under a lot of pressure to conceive apparently.

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1. Matty J was up first for hometown dates.

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The date started with two horses walking up (no, this is not the start of a bad joke), and Georgia goes, "What are they?" Stallions of the different kind Georgia, obviously not the kind you are used to.

We learned Matty J is VERY close to his sister, and now that she's had a baby, she wants him to have a baby too. I mean, you know, not literally because he can't, but... ugh whatever. Georgia was relatable for the first time, when she mentioned that she didn't want kids anytime soon. Preach sister.

2. We learned Matty J and his sister have a weirdly close relationship.

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I get it, I'm super close to my sisters also. But if one of them was like, "don't move cities" I'd be like, "get fucked hey, also are you going to eat that last spring roll?"

Tbh Matty's sister was borderline terrifying. She even told him he was in love, and he just nodded along like, "sure" with robotic eyes. After basically saying she didn't like Georgia, she then said "I'm so happy for you" while probably figuring out how to kidnap Matty before the next rose ceremony. No, guys, you think I'm joking but she literally said, "I want to wrap him up and take him away from this."


3. Jake introduced Georgia to his family and it was... fine.

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Straight off the bat, Jake invited Georgia into his family home. She freaked out thinking the parents were already there, but it turned out Jake just wanted her to help him with his turkey. A literal turkey, not some weird euphemism.

Georgia got some tough questions from the family about long distance relationships and whether she'd move or not, and that just kinda repeated for most of the dinner while I stared blankly at the screen wondering if the turkey was really that good.

4. Lee's grandmother stole the show.

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Look, Lee's grandma was the best part of the show. First she told Georgia that Lee was conceived in Tasmania, and then she just went on a spiel about how he wasn't "perfect".

Lee's family also expected that Georgia would be ready to pop a baby out soon, and goddamn I was really starting to feel sorry for the girl.

5. Georgia was still concerned Courtney wasn't that into her.

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Courtney wasn't off to a good start when he said he wanted the day to "be about having fun". Georgia half-heartedly put up with some surf live saving training, while internally whinging about wanting to have a serious chat with Courtney.

"I feel like our whole journey has been up and down," Courtney said, which is just what every girl wants to hear.

"Do you go to bed at night thinking 'I hope it's Georgia and I standing there at the end, and that we'll start a relationship together?'" Georgia fired off. Courtney was confused, because he goes to bed at night dreaming about kicking Waleed off The Project and taking his spot.

6. But she decided to go meet Courtney's family anyway.

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Courtney's family started firing off questions, and Georgia uncertainly answered, while Courtney stared at the bread basket, wondering if his 6-foot body could fit in there.

Courtney's brother started nit-picking his energy level, and Courtney replied "end of conversation," so that was a nice look into how he could face potential conflict with Georgia in the future.

Courtney's brother then basically told Georgia that Courtney needs more time to fall in love... meanwhile, Courtney attempted to climb into his fireplace.

7. Courtney was finally kicked out.

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It was honestly the most awkward thing to watch and I survived last night's autotuned song episode.

Courtney basically said he wasn't in love with Georgia yet, and he doubted she was in love with him, and she just stared off into the distance, her heart slowly cracking in two.