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22 Tumblr Users Who Are So Done With "Pretty Little Liars"

"Pretty Little Liars is testing my pretty little patience."

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Another season of Pretty Little Liars has ended. Fans thought they may find out who "A" is. They thought things would start to become more clear. But alas, they did not.


1. Amidst all the theories crowding Tumblr, there's also a bunch of people who just DGAF anymore.

2. Others pointed out the obvious.

3. Some made fun of the fact "Charles" was meant to give us all the answers we needed.

4. Everyone's patience is being pushed to the limit.

5. And some are even feeling personally victimised.

6. Even Tay is so done with this Charles nonsense.

7. "Charles, Imma let you finish."

8. This is starting to sound plausible.

9. Even more plausible at this stage.

10. I mean, maybe?

11. Some people would rather just focus on the comic relief instead of the insane plot twists.

12. And this is about as on point as it'll ever get.

13. And let's be real, we all know who the real "liar" is.

14. FFS Marlene.

15. Makes as much sense as the rest of the show really.

16. Finally someone is stating the obvious that the PLL girls have the WORST PLANS EVER.

17. And then there's this truth bomb.

18. This person just DGAF about the "A" twist, and wanted to ask some real questions.

19. The thing that captures all PLL fans perfectly.

20. The very real glimpse into all our futures.

21. And this pretty much summed it up in one sentence.

22. Until next season fellow PLL fans...