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    27 Things '00s Celebrities Convinced Us Were Cool

    Kitten heels and cargo pants were never OK – let's be honest with ourselves.

    1. These embarrassing slogan tees you wore at the tender age of 13.

    2. Probably teamed with these questionable ra-ra skirts.

    3. These super-~fashionable~ pleather waist belts.

    4. The "what the fuck was I thinking?" kitten heels.

    Extra points for a pointed toe.

    5. Embroidered peasant tops that made you feel delightfully hippie.

    6. The totally "edgy" cargo pants.

    7. The "why did we ever?!" thong heels.

    8. The super-strange hemlines that went from thigh to calf.

    9. Tiny jackets and shrugs that looked like they were bought from the kids section.

    10. The trend that went on way longer than necessary: flared jeans.

    11. Trucker hats. Oh lord, all the trucker hats.

    12. The time we all thought flared 3/4 pants were a 🔥🔥🔥 look.

    13. The very ~hip~ one-shouldered trend.

    14. Pleated miniskirts, whether they were denim or the cheapest fabric out.

    15. Faux fur–lined hoodies.

    16. Studded belts to show you were a bit of a badass.

    17. Trendy at the time – tacky in hindsight – rhinestone-studded T-shirts.

    18. The time you decided to use various scarves as brand-new belts because ~fashun~.

    19. The funky zebra-striped hair streaks that came and died (but not fast enough).

    20. When ponchos were a thing.

    21. Mesh tops for when you were feeling a bit punkier.

    22. The "thank god they eventually disappeared" baby doll tops.

    23. The smart but sensible corduroy jacket, that at least your mum always loved.

    24. Aviators. You weren't any kinds of cool until you donned a pair.

    25. Dresses over jeans.

    26. Ugg boots, that were always better teamed with skirts or shorts.

    27. And these weird, small purses that served no real purpose other than tucking them awkwardly under your arm.