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    17 Hilarious Parenting Tweets From Ryan Reynolds

    "I'm teaching my daughter that the sun goes down each night because it's mad at her."

    1. When he gave an honest review of his daughter's art:

    2. When he wasn't afraid to share how gross parenting can be:

    3. Time and time again:

    4. When he had his priorities in order:

    5. And when he knew just how to dress up his baby:

    6. When he was all about teaching important life lessons, early on:

    7. When he threatened to write a book we'd all probably read:

    8. When he knew the easy and tough parts of parenting:

    9. When his nursery rhymes taught his daughter about real life:

    10. When he was thankful for his baby girl:

    11. When he still knew how to party:

    12. And when he knew the satisfaction of a great, but easy, Halloween costume:

    13. When he trained his kid:

    14. When he had plans in place for his daughter later in life:

    15. When he knew how to have a great time in Disneyland:

    16. When he had some handy tips:

    17. And when he knew the importance of downtime: