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    16 Things That Will Resonate With People Who Don't Like Cheese

    I need a pizza without cheese please.

    1. You are constantly being judged.

    2. Like, seriously, people just get rude about it.

    3. Ordering delicious things like burgers or pizza is really hard when you don't like cheese. Even the waiters judge you.

    BBC One

    Have you ever tried ordering a cheese-less pizza? It borders on being embarrassing.

    4. And when it comes out with even just a little bit of cheese, you want to cry.


    5. You don't understand how this is considered food porn. / Creative Commons

    6. Seriously, how does this make people happy?

    Flickr: ulterior epicure

    7. You'll never understand the feeling of delight one gets when consuming a cheeseburger. / Creative Commons

    8. Like, you actually feel sick looking at that melted cheese. / Creative Commons

    9. Nor will you ever understand why pizza chains make CHEESY CRUSTS. NO. STOP.

    10. In fact, some pizza chains actually charge you more when you ask for no cheese on your pizza.

    C'mon guys, I'm saving you ingredients.

    11. Real talk: why are there bloody cakes made out of the thing? / Creative Commons

    12. Why on earth are people ruining fries?

    Flickr: Auntie P

    13. And this photo? It's like a real life nightmare.

    14. It's easy to feel alone in your cheese-hating world.


    15. Because it feels like everyone else you know, just really loves cheese.


    16. Just remember you aren't a weirdo. There's at least a few other people out there just like you.


    Cheese-haters, unite!

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