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    Posted on 7 Mar 2017

    Last Night's "Married At First Sight" Was Honestly Disgusting To Watch

    It was honestly disgusting to watch.

    By now we all know Married At First Sight is more about the drama at the dinner parties than any of the actual ~marriages~ working out.

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    So of course, last night's dinner party was no exception.

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    Drama has been boiling around “couple” Cheryl and Andrew/Jonesy, and things took quite a turn at the dinner party. Cheryl confronted Andrew about not having her back and for badmouthing her to other people.

    For more context, at a "boys" night two episodes earlier, Andrew repeatedly made fun of Cheryl, from everything to do with her interests to her breasts. He also allegedly made lewd comments about having a "threesome" with her and his previous runaway "bride" Lauren.

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    When this was brought up at the dinner party, Andrew started mocking Cheryl's voice, accent, and denying everything.

    And viewers got pretty fucking mad at the "boys culture" surrounding the episode.


    Yes it's 'just a stupid TV show' but it publicly shows how horribly some men treat women. I actually felt sick and close to tears #9married

    Perfect example of Gaslighting by Andrew & Anthony. Is the failed denials part of the 'Bro Code'?? #9married

    Because as Jonesy kept denying any wrongdoing, most of the men defended him, even though they had been present for his lewd comments.

    It's men like Andrew why domestic violence victims are not believed..consistently validated by "the boys" #9Married

    Jesse. Anthony. Nick. Andrew. Four reasons why feminism is a thing. #9married

    Basically it was infuriating to watch.

    that was the most disgusting piece of television i have ever watched i am absolutely appalled #9married

    Not sure whats more concerning. Blatant lying by Andrew (&Anthony), or the fact they see nothing wrong in degrading women. #9married #MAFS

    Andrew is like those dudes who tell you they want to have sex and when you shut him down they go "like I'd fuck you, you fat slut" #9Married

    #9Married I am physically disgusted by the behaviour - at what point to the experts actually intervene and do the eithical thing #mafs

    But thank god at least some of the "husbands" had some fucking decency and stood up for Cheryl.

    Facebook: video.php

    The world needs more Sean's and less andrews and Anthony's #9married #MarriedAtFirstSight

    THANK YOU Sean. THANK YOU Susan. THANK YOU Simon. (Note..only date people whose name start with an S) #9married

    Ban the phrase "boys will be boys" 2k17.

    'Boys being boys' is well used excuse for domestic violence Andrew. #9married #mafs

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