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Taylor Swift Is In Australia And Everyone Has Lost Their Goddamn Minds

Australia, stop, you're getting embarrassing.

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Since then, Australia has basically proved it has zero chill.

Hollywood couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddlestone spend the day settling in on the Gold Coast. #Hiddleswift #9News

First there was "Tay Tay Cam"...

.@taylorswift13 and @twhiddleston arriving in Sydney. #Hiddleswift #7News

Please enjoy this 1.17 minute video of a Qantas plane landing.

(Literally why are we acting like this is the first time we've seen two celebrities walk through an airport?)

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift Sydney airport #sun7


Then there was regular "Swift Watch" updates on all news and radio stations.

Have you seen Taylor Swift? OR do you have any idea where she might be? 👀 #SwiftWatch #JimmyAndNath #Nova

The couple went from Sydney to the Gold Coast. How crazy.

Please, Australia, I'm begging you, it's time to calm down.

YES. Take a bow Gold Coast Bulletin. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #Hiddleswift

Otherwise Swift may be scarred for life and never come back.