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    18 Emo Bands From The '00s That Defined The Aussie Music Scene


    The '00s were a glorious time for emo music — from My Chemical Romance to Paramore, it was a truly blessed era.

    And the emo resurgence over the last couple of years has given all elder emos a dose of some hard-hitting nostalgia, so we thought it would be apt to look back on the local Aussie scene.

    From The Amity Affliction to The Getaway Plan, we've rounded up the Aussie emo bands that had us in a complete chokehold in the '00s.

    1. The Getaway Plan

    The Getaway Plan 2008

    2. Kisschasy


    3. Tonight Alive

    4. Parkway Drive

    5. Stealing O'Neal

    Stealing O'Neal

    6. The Amity Affliction

    7. The Hot Lies

    8. The Mission In Motion

    9. Behind Crimson Eyes

    10. Angelas Dish

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    Picture it: the year is 2007, you're front row to 30 Seconds To Mars' debut Australian tour, and a local pop-punk comes on as support and kills it. The Central Coast boys had a sound similar-ish to Kisschasy and even toured with the lads. Bring this tour back! 

    Go-to song: 'On A Sign' was an early hit, but for a more polished emo sound check out 'Soft November'. 

    11. Horsell Common

    12. Closure In Moscow

    13. Elora Danan

    14. Something With Numbers

    15. After the Fall

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    Another Cenny Coast band, After The Fall were a staple in the '00s touring scene, playing everything from Homebake to Splendour, Falls, and Come Together festivals. They're kind of like if Taxiride were a little more punk and a little more angsty.

    Go-to song: For a good old hit of '00s punk, give 'Fighter' and 'Mirror Mirror' a whirl. 

    16. Skyway

    17. House Vs Hurricane

    18. And finally, Hands Like Houses