19 Things From Supre That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day

    TFW your dress is violently attacked with a pair of scissors.

    1. When they sold these belts that did absolutely nothing but sit over a pair of flared jeans.

    2. When this tablecloth found a new life as a dress.

    3. When this fashion statement reared its head for winter.

    4. And this vest.

    5. When these lace up leggings... existed.

    6. I don't even know what this is to be quite honest.

    7. Yeah, nah.

    8. When this XXS shirt looked like a cardigan for a six-year-old.

    9. And when this questionable skirt was a thing.

    10. As well as this one.

    11. When this cami got on the wrong side of a paper-shredder.

    12. And when someone violently attacked this dress with a pair of sharp scissors.

    13. When this... existed.

    14. When long denim shorts were even a thing that could be sold.

    15. As well as these.

    16. When they sold this pointless bright number that 100% wouldn’t keep you all that warm.

    17. And when these camo jeans definitely wouldn't keep you hidden.

    18. When this mesh top was allegedly perfect for... exercising?

    19. And when this mesh crop was labelled as ideal for the "gym".