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    19 Of The Funniest Tweets From The 2016 Logies

    "It turns out it's the Logies, not the election, that's running all the way to July 2."

    1. These deserving actors:

    Nominations for for 2017 Logies #Logies2016

    2. This accuracy:

    BREAKING: Most outstanding actor in a sports program goes to...@SeaEagles' Jamie Lyon in #NRLManlyCowboys #NRL #TVWEEKLogies #Logies2016

    3. And, well, this:

    Shane Warne should win every Logie ever given out from this performance alone #Logies2016 #demons

    4. This savage, but truthful take:

    Nothing says diverse like a bunch of white people constantly telling us how diverse something is... #Logies2016

    5. As well as this savagery from Lee Lin Chin:

    My condolences to my fellow nominees. Tonight you'll either lose the Logie or your life #TVWEEKLogies

    6. And this:

    Congratulations to Waleed, as a newsreader I respect the hell out of you. As a narcissist I will bathe in your blood.

    7. This observation:

    Eddie Perfect looks like he has a Coles catalogue stuffed in his pocket #TVWEEKLogies

    8. This strange thought from Channel Nine:

    Interesting that Nine think promising Eddie McGuire will make people more likely to watch. #logies2016

    9. This accurate depiction of every Logies speech:

    "I wasn't expecting this" *pulls out written speech* #Logies2016

    10. This observation from Adam Liaw:

    Is this really what white people are like when I'm not around? #Logies

    11. And this one:

    The reason I'm not using the #Logies2016 hashtag is because I'm not confident this will finish within the calendar year. #Logies

    12. This plea, that really should've been answered:


    13. And this truth the Logies should remember for next year:

    Imagine how much shorter this program would be if presenters only told their jokes once!!!! #Logies !!

    14. This 9pm tweet from Karl Stefanovic, who we can only imagine got drunker from this moment on:

    15. This reminder of who the real bad bitch of the Logies is:

    50 years of Play School & still no one badder than this bitch #Logies2016

    16. This proof that the jokes about 60 Minutes would never get old:

    I hear 60 Minutes are planning a "Logies recovery" mission to take the trophy from The Project #Logies2016

    17. This hilarious truth:

    Next year's most outstanding drama award will be to the series made about our fuckin struggle tonight #TVWEEKLogies

    18. This reaction to Waleed Aly winning the Gold Logie:

    YES WALEED! My racist uncle is going to be so cross I LOVE IT. #TVWEEKLogies

    19. And this accurate representation of what it felt like to watch the whole event:

    It turns out it's the #Logies, not the election, that's running all the way to July 2. We have have 54 more days of this.

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