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19 Things No One Tells You About Living In Sydney

Flying cockroaches. Flying cockroaches everywhere.

1. You assume trying to find an apartment to rent will be hard. But nothing will prepare you for exactly how hard it will be.

2. The flying cockroaches.

3. Soy products will be everywhere. You'll probably start consuming them eventually.

4. Shops staying open past 4pm on weekends is a terrific novelty.

5. Everything will seem so goddamn expensive at first...

6. ... but you'll eventually start to believe paying $9 for a juice is reasonable.

7. If you don't work in the CBD, you probably won't spend all that much time in the city.

8. Catching up with friends who don't live near your suburb always feels like such an effort.

9. And if they live the other side of the bridge, you probably just won't ever see them again.

10. Actually, if you don't live north of the bridge, you'll probably just never cross the bridge at all.

11. And one day, catching a glimpse of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge will no longer seem super exciting.

12. You probably won't go to the beach all that much.

13. Before you move, you'll dream about all your crazy nights out in the city or Kings Cross. In reality, it probably won't happen all that often.

14. The once foreign phrase "FUCK YOU CITYRAIL!" will become a part of your everyday vernacular.

15. And even if you decide to keep a car, you'll drive a whole lot less than what you think.

16. There's this thing called Menulog and it's glorious.

17. The city layout really doesn't make that much sense...

18. ... but eventually as a Sydney-sider you will get used to it.

19. And despite its confusing layout and expensive ways, you'll learn to love Sydney as your home away from home.