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18 Secrets From Working In A Hotel

Yes, we know who's having all the affairs.

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6. As a worker, you soon realise not to be surprised at how rude and demanding people can be.

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"No, I can't kick out this other customer because they're in your favourite room." "Also, no, I can't upgrade you when we literally have NO upgrades left to offer." "No, you cannot get free breakfast because of your whinging."

7. And you quickly learn to become a pro multi-tasker.

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"OK, let's just check these three people in, take these numerous phone calls, press the buzzer to open the garage, deal with this online booking, oh, and also don't forget room 401 wants some fresh towels."

8. If a customer tells staff something is wrong in the room, we'll definitely go out of our way to help. However, if you're telling us upon check-out and demanding a refund, there's not much we can do.


9. Depending where you're staying, upgrading to the breakfast package is probably not worth it.

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Ask the staff and generally there's a nicer café nearby with better food, at a cheaper cost.


14. Always check the use-by date on snack items in the mini-bar.

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Better to be safe than sorry tbh.

15. And definitely make sure the seals aren't broken on the liquor bottles.

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You'd be surprised what some people do.

18. And if you thought guests were the only ones to load up on free hotel necessities, you'd be wrong.

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Staff definitely help themselves from time-to-time to basic hotel items like shower caps, body lotion, and perhaps the odd "do not disturb" sign.