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19 Reasons You Should Go To University Of Wollongong

I'm not desperately reliving my youth, you are.

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1. UOW isn't just a university. It's a whole damn lifestyle.

2. The campus is majestic af.

3. There are always a lot of clubs, social activities, and spots to relax and chill out on campus.

4. And you get to take advantage of the university O-Week to load up on a bunch of free shit.

10. Any hangover can be cured by a visit to Chicko's.

12. In between the drinking, and idk studying, there are plenty of other great things to do as well.

(This is a photo of URAC, the university recreation centre. I never went there personally, probably because I was hungover at Chicko's. But it looks fun.)


13. Like climbing Mt Keira.

14. Or visiting Nan Tien Temple.

15. Or taking a drive or a walk along the scenic Sea Cliff Bridge.

16. Oh yeah. And let's not forget, you're CLOSE TO THE BEACH!

17. As in, there are a BUNCH to choose from, and they're so much nicer than shitty Sydney beaches!