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    19 Reasons You Should Go To University Of Wollongong

    I'm not desperately reliving my youth, you are.

    1. UOW isn't just a university. It's a whole damn lifestyle.

    2. The campus is majestic af.

    3. There are always a lot of clubs, social activities, and spots to relax and chill out on campus.

    4. And you get to take advantage of the university O-Week to load up on a bunch of free shit.

    5. The UniBar always has a shitload of events on to keep you entertained.

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    As well as bands, there's also Garden Party, Band Comps, and Oktoberfest to look forward to.

    6. And there are plenty of bars open later in Wollongong if you want to party on after UniBar times.

    7. AND Wednesday night, aka uni night, is always a DAMN GOOD TIME.


    8. If you're moving, there's a whole range of accommodations to choose from, with many doing their own O-Week.

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    9. And living on campus is a lot of fun.


    I'm not saying pick Weerona, I'm just saying it was a fucking good time back in my day.

    10. Any hangover can be cured by a visit to Chicko's.

    11. Also North Gong pub do a $7.50 schnitty which is a fucking deal.

    12. In between the drinking, and idk studying, there are plenty of other great things to do as well.

    (This is a photo of URAC, the university recreation centre. I never went there personally, probably because I was hungover at Chicko's. But it looks fun.)

    13. Like climbing Mt Keira.

    14. Or visiting Nan Tien Temple.

    15. Or taking a drive or a walk along the scenic Sea Cliff Bridge.

    16. Oh yeah. And let's not forget, you're CLOSE TO THE BEACH!

    17. As in, there are a BUNCH to choose from, and they're so much nicer than shitty Sydney beaches!

    18. Though being a casual hour-and-a-bit from Sydney via train is pretty damn handy as well.

    19. And FYI, when you graduate, your robes are blue and you can pretend you're a wizard.

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