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19 Things All Daydreamers Will Understand

It's just you and your insane imagination vs. the world.

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1. You have an insanely overactive imagination. / Via New Line Cinema

2. You spend a good portion of your day wondering what it would be like to live in another world or live as another human.


3. You've definitely planned out an alternative career path for yourself at some stage...


4. ...and this alternative path generally involves you being famous and rich and wildly talented.


5. Being seated next to a window is kind of detrimental for your productivity.

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6. And people watching is one of your favourite past-times.

Because you tend to make up stories about random people's lives.

7. You tend to zone out during meetings or lectures, because you have better places to be in your mind.


8. And long-winded conversations can be a bit of a struggle.

9. When you meet new people it takes all your energy to concentrate and not drift off mid-conversation.


10. There have been times you've nearly walked into doors or walls simply because you were daydreaming about something.


11. Or alternatively, missed your train or bus stop.

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12. People have to repeat your name numerous times before you actually realise they're talking to you.

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13. And you get sprung for the somewhat vacant look in your eyes from time to time.

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14. The shower is the place where you come up with a totally epic new novel, film or song ideas.

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And promptly forget about it afterwards.

15. And even while watching TV shows or movies, your imagination is still in overdrive.


"Well if she chose the other guy, then I think their life would have probably turned out like THIS and THEN..."

16. You actually don't mind long drives because it allows you to have more daydreaming time.

17. And you're also incredibly good at drowning out inane chatter on public transport because you're just off in your own little world.

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18. In fact, the question "Are you off in your own world?" has been said to you so many times that you've lost count.


19. But you're not embarrassed about it in any sort of way, because you tend to have a great ol' time in your little daydream world.

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