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    Posted on 6 Oct 2016

    7 Of The Best Moments From "The Bachelorette" Episode 6

    Rhys, you gotta stop with the damn poetry.

    Missed Episode 6 of The Bachelorette Australia? Look, don't lose any sleep over it, we've got you covered right here.

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    OK, let's do this so I can go to bed.

    1. Fireman Cam got the single date.

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    We learned that the boys have a running joke that Cam is in the friend zone, something that Poor Ryan brought up. I kinda feel like Ryan isn't one to talk, because every time he appears on my screen I get shocked he's still in the house.

    The term "friend zone" was mentioned about seven times in the first seven minutes of the show, with Georgia also wondering if that's where she and Fireman Cam would end up. She was then "concerned" when he brought it up, and I was concerned about the fact I had no alcohol to deal with this conversation.

    Thankfully, the talk of the friend zone was dropped
    , with the distraction of numerous adorable puppies, which has probably been the highlight of this season thus far.

    2. Cam effectively bumped himself out of the friend zone with a sneaky kiss.

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    But not before they talked about being in the friend zone ONE MORE TIME! Ha ha! Not a legitimate concern or anything, the fact they can't stop talking about it! Ha ha!

    However, then they kissed and Georgia was all heart eyes, and said she never wanted to hear the words "Cam and friend zone" in the same sentence again, and I silently wept with gratitude.

    3. The group date was something to do with "sports from around the world".

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    Yay! Fun! I guess the guys don't have to worry about taking care of fake babies, unlike the poor ladies of last season.

    Sam and Rhys kept talking about each other once again, so I am totally convinced they are actually in love.

    4. The guys took their shirts off, oiled up, then Rhys and Matt D wrestled each other.

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    No, this isn't the start of the Mills & Boon book from the other episode. This is what actually happened.

    Matt D actually won, but Rhys hurt his shoulder in the process. Sad.

    5. Matty J was taken on a surprise single date.

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    Georgia enlisted Matty J's help to play a game of "croquet", (not "cocaine", as I originally heard). Turns out Matty J just really fucking loves croquet, so that was lucky. She tuned him by saying she thought he was cocky when she first met him, demonstrating the levels of shyness to cockiness on the croquet mallet. He looked very confused.

    Georgia then asked the weirdest thing Matty J has ever done on a date, and he smoothly answered "tried to kiss a girl for the first time in front of cameras". And, well you can guess where this high school flirting technique took them next.

    6. Rhys read another fucking poem, and then the guys all serenaded Georgia.

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    At the end of Rhys's latest poetry masterpiece, he left a line that didn't rhyme, about how there was a difference between "men" and the "boys" in the house. Apparently the "boys" aren't there for the right reasons, and Rhys then told Georgia he thought Sam wasn't there for her.

    BUT CUT THAT DRAMATIC BULLSHIT! All the guys then got together and serenaded Georgia, each singing their own parts. Sure, some of them couldn't sing for shit, but it was really quite cute. A+ for effort.

    Ryan went home.

    Me tbh

    So it was no shock to us that Ryan got booted, but he actually looked really upset, and sadly I couldn't find any photos of Ryan online. Sorry Ryan.

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