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    25 Struggles Your Parents Would Probably Never Understand

    "I can't believe I just liked that photo from 72 weeks ago."

    1. The accidental feeling of Facebook stalking your crush and liking a photo from 72 weeks ago.


    2. Or getting deep in their ex's Instagram and accidentally liking a photo.


    Kill me.

    3. The Facebook updates from people you used to go to high school with getting married every other day of the week.

    20th Century Fox

    4. And the relentless photos of their gummy, three-month-old spawn across your feed when you're least expecting it.

    NBC / Via

    At least in your parents' day, everyone just debuted their new child in the newspaper once, and that was that.

    5. The very real pressure of being a first-home owner.

    Sure, you don't have to live in the city technically, but it's still ridiculous.

    6. Literally, how the fuck are you meant to afford a house with prices like this???

    PRDnationwide Perez Real Estate / Via

    7. Thinking you'll have to rent or live in a share-house for the rest of your goddamn life.


    8. Interning to gain ~experience~.

    Wow, I unpack the dishwasher SO MUCH FASTER NOW vs. what I used too!

    9. Being told you need 1+ years experience to even apply for an unpaid internship.

    This UNPAID INTERNSHIP requires 2+ years of experience......

    10. Finishing uni and not even having a degree guarantee you'll get a job.


    11. Having your fave TV shows spoiled by Twitter and other forms of social media.

    Twitter: @iamroxxyhaze


    12. Drunkenly updating your Snapchat story then waking up the next day like, "What did I do?!"


    13. Trying to find the right selfie lighting and filter.


    14. Thinking it's reasonable to pay nearly $10 for a fresh juice.

    Instagram: @omgjina / Via

    15. Or not even blinking an eye when your coffee comes out like this.

    Deconstructed coffee. Melbourne, you've gone too far

    You: "Ah hipster cafes, back at it again."

    Your Mum: "I don't understand anything that's happening."

    16. Thinking of having a family before the age of 30 and realising you probably can't afford it.

    EA Games / Via

    Meanwhile your parents were juggling two kids and paying off the mortgage of their house.

    17. Navigating Tinder and dealing with shit like this.

    18. Forgetting how to talk to people without using technology.


    19. Dropping your iPhone and having it not turn back on.

    20. Being inundated with all sorts of diet information and not knowing WTF to do.

    Not to mention finding out EVERYTHING causes cancer.

    21. Consulting Dr. Google instead of forking out money to go to a real doctor.

    Oh yep, I'm dying, OK.

    22. Reading the phrase, "but who cares about the Kardashians?" all the goddamn time.


    Show how much you don't care by NOT COMMENTING???

    23. Dealing with social media warriors.

    Cool, you started a fight on Twitter, well done.

    24. Checking the Internet for the latest news instead of subscribing to newspapers.

    Warner Bros.

    25. And the nerve-wracking feeling of seeing these dots after you send a risky text.

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