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26 Things You'll Only Understand If You Love A Good Feed

Relationship status: In a deep, committed love affair with pizza.

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1. When food is just your number one passion:

2. When you don't understand why people stress out about eating so much:

3. When bae utters the most magical phrase to you: / Via Disney

4. And when you get maybe a little too dramatic about what you want in life:

5. When you know better than to leave the house for nothing:

6. When your friend shares some food with you and they get automatic BFF status:

7. But tbh, you can't always return the favour:

8. When you complain about having zero funds but also, you went out for dinner like four or five times last week:

9. When you wake up on some days like "yeah I can get a body like Bey", but by night you're like "Bey.. be... berger... burger":

10. When you order takeaway and you know it'll get delivered in the next five minutes:

11. When the biggest commitment you can make is to your fave snack:

12. When you try to diet and limit your portions:

13. But really, you have the ability to justify almost anything:

14. When people ask you moronic questions and there's really only one answer:

15. When you overhear that precious mention of food and go running to find out what's going on:

Except you misheard and someone's like, "uh, I said 'great mood'?"

Except you misheard and someone's like, "uh, I said 'great mood'?"

16. When your coworkers ask you what you're up to for the weekend and well, honestly...

17. When you have had a rough week and Friday rolls around and you know just exactly where you're meant to be:

18. When you really know there's only one reason for going to a party:

19. When your food doubles up as an alternative sleeping arrangement:

So basically, your life is sorted.

So basically, your life is sorted.

20. When you love a good treat so much you kinda start... seeing things:

21. When you know real exercise and muscle work is all about that chewing:

22. When you're so impatient to eat that you can't even let your food cool down first:

23. When you're chilling out and all of a sudden there's only a few biscuits left in the packet:

24. When you go out for dinner and someone dares to ask you if they can sample your meal:

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25. When you leave the restaurant with a brand new ~food~ baby:

26. And when you're so full you could roll home, but your friend mentions dessert, and well, they didn't have to ask twice: