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    We Met The Real Housewives Of Sydney And They Were Really Something

    "I've NEVER thrown a glass of wine!"

    The Real Housewives of Sydney starts this Sunday and we met up with the ladies to see how they were feeling ahead of the premiere.

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

    "I'm pre-menstrual," Melissa opened with, after Krissy said she had been "on fire" during their promo day. As they began bickering amongst themselves, shoes were off and tempers were high after already numerous hours of press. "We all know what we signed up for," Athena said. "We've done it now, we've filmed it, we've owned it, we are what we are, judge us, don't judge us, just watch!" Melissa said. "She is FIESTY today," Krissy yelled. And we were off.

    Since the show was announced mid-last year, it's been an eager wait for fans of the series. But don't compare them with the Melbourne housewives.

    "We always get asked about the Melbourne housewives," Lisa said rolling her eyes. "Just say we love them!" Athena interjected.

    "It’s not all parties and fun, I think you really get to see into our lives. We have opened our lives a lot more than the Melbourne girls have so that’s why I think we probably hit drama a lot faster than they did," Krissy explained.

    Without further ado, here's what we learned about the ladies who will be gracing our screens, and representing the Sydney elite.

    Victoria is the most likely to tell it like it is, without any bullshit.

    All the ladies agreed on Victoria for this one, but Lisa and Athena both gave each other shout-outs.

    Athena gets the most creative when it comes to insults.

    Nicole: "Remember 'Captain Eyebrows'?!"

    Lisa: "Captain Eyebrows, I think, wins hands-down."

    Nicole: "What was the other one?"

    Lisa: "Chewbacca was good!"

    Athena: "And I called you Wookie."

    Nicole: "Wookie? What’s a Wookie?"

    Lisa: "Chewbacca is a Wookie. Do you know they’re related to Ewoks?"

    Athena: "Wookie’s cuter. I think Wookie is cuter."

    Nicole: "I haven’t watched Star Wars."

    Nicole is the one to throw the most lavish party to outshine them all.

    And don't we bet drama goes down at every single one.

    Krissy is the housewife who'll try and lighten the mood if things turn sour.

    Krissy confessed to trying to crack a joke if the mood starts going downhill. But does it work?

    Matty: "No."

    Athena: "It goes horribly wrong!"

    Nicole: "Nahhh it’s worked… she tries to change the mood."

    Matty: "She tries… I think things could have been a lot worse."

    Victoria: "Do you think?"

    Matty: "What you see is not... things could have been a lot worse."

    Victoria: "You’ve come from a warzone!"

    Athena: "I had to tone it down, trust me."

    Matty: "It could get a lot worse!"

    Matty is the peacemaker of the group.

    "I do apologise. I’m a peacemaker... I come with a white flag!" she said.

    Melissa is the most likely to try and keep friends with everyone, in order to avoid drama.

    Athena: "And when she walks around, she gets a bit nervous, she’ll burst out in a tune... don’t you do that?"

    Melissa: "No, not really!"

    Okaaaay then.

    Lisa and Matty would be the most likely to throw a glass of wine in the heat of the moment.

    Matty: "It's either be me or Lisa."

    Lisa: "I've NEVER thrown a glass of wine!"

    While Lisa is the most likely to start a fight over nothing if there's been one too many drinks.

    Lisa: "I don’t have to drink that much! It only takes a little bit!"

    Athena: "She was on Endone! She was mixing chemicals."

    Lisa: "Yeah if you snort Endone it... doesn’t matter."

    Not everyone knew each other before the show started, but they think the "A-team" was definitely picked.

    Lisa: "I knew Nicole, Krissy knew Nicole…"

    Melissa: "I knew Matty and Athena."

    Victoria: "I knew Krissy."

    Matty: "And then I met Lisa."

    Lisa: "But seriously I think we dodged a bullet with some of the girls we auditioned with."

    Nicole: "They definitely picked the A-Team!"

    Athena: "In a nutshell we were desperados!"

    Victoria: "No we weren’t."

    Nicole: "Far from it."

    And they made a conscious effort to include their children (and dogs) on the show.

    Krissy: "You know we’ve already gotten criticism for doing that but what am I going to say, you know ‘Sorry I’ve got to have the camera crew in the house but you’re not allowed in the house?’ So for us that was a very conscious decision and we all made it together."

    Matty: "I actually think the reason a lot of people think it’s a negative thing is their lack of education toward the program. And the law of Australia with filming is very respectful to families, and it’s a great opportunity for our children. I had no idea how talented my children were - I sometimes look at Nicole’s kids and I think they’re adorable and they’re amazing in front of camera. That can open doors for them for the future!"

    Lisa: "Matty’s daughter is very polite, she eats toast with a knife and fork."


    Athena: "You do say that your dog and your children will embarrass you at the best of times."

    Krissy: "My dogs were so well behaved."

    Nicole: "Licking off the plate?"

    Victoria: "Do you not let your dogs eat off your plate?"

    Krissy: "NEVER."

    Victoria: "Oh I do. I put the plate down."

    Krissy: "But the dog licks the plate in one of the episodes. And I died. So I’m always looking now waiting for her to do it."

    Melissa: "That’s yucky."

    Victoria: "It goes in the dishwasher!"

    Lisa: "But that’s only 65 degrees. It doesn’t kill all germs."

    Victoria: "Well… I let her lick my face."

    Krissy: "Ohhh I don’t want to hear what you do when the lights are off!"

    The Real Housewives of Sydney premieres on Foxtel this Sunday at 8:30pm.