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    19 Things Picky Eaters Are Really Tired Of Hearing

    "But why don't you just TRY it?"

    1. "I just can't stand picky eaters."

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    You're probably striking up a conversation with the wrong person then.

    2. "Don't worry... you'll grow out of it eventually."

    Thanks Grandma.

    3. "So why don't you like it?"

    Probably for the same reasons why you don't like other things.

    4. "But have you tried it?"

    The CW

    Yes. That's how I know I don't like it.

    5. "Maybe you should try it again."

    Screen Gems

    *insert loud, annoyed sigh.*

    6. "Your tastebuds have probably changed since you last tried it anyway!"

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    Oh I mean sure. Absolutely. That's how it works.

    7. "Have you always been like this?"

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    Does it matter / make a difference?

    8. "Surely you can't be serious!"


    If I was joking, I would have ended this conversation a long time ago.

    9. "You are SO strange!"



    10. "Your parents probably didn't feed you properly when you were younger."

    And your parents obviously didn't teach you manners.

    11. "Maybe they should have forced you to eat those things earlier on." / Via

    Maybe they actually did try?

    12. "I don't get it."

    ABC Family

    I know.

    13. "Ugh, what a first world problem."

    ABC Family

    I know.

    14. "If I blended this food you didn't like into this, would you eat it then?"

    If someone you didn't like appeared in front of you with a mask on, would you like them then?

    15. "Your eating habits are pretty annoying."


    Almost as annoying as your opinions I daresay.

    16. "You know it's just a mental thing right?"

    You know if I could change my hatred of this one popular food group, I would right?

    17. "Are all your meals like, really boring?"

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    Picky does not necessarily equal bland tastes.

    18. "No offense, but I just don't understand."


    Got that vibe. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

    19. "Just eat it!"

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    Just fuck off hey.

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