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    23 Very Real Life Struggles Shy Adults Face On A Daily Basis

    That's a nice shade of red you're wearing...on your face.

    1. Meeting new people is totally nerve-racking.


    2. Especially when it's ~important~ people like a new boss or your partner's parents.


    3. You're often described as "the quiet one".

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    4. And sometimes people think you're a bitch because of it.

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    5. You find small talk excruciating.


    6. And you envy those who were born with the gift of the gab.

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    7. You often feel easily nervous when thrown into new social or work situations.


    8. So just like school, you'll go out of your way to avoid talking at any presentations or meetings.

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    9. And more often than not, you'll feel yourself going a shade of red that should probably only belong on a tomato.

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    10. You often overanalyse every word or joke that comes out of your mouth.

    11. In fact you still remember that really bad joke you made 12 years ago.

    12. So you constantly try to rehearse things in your head before you actually say them out loud.


    13. Often you go home and think about the fact you have zero social skills.


    14. Though often you make excuses to ditch social gatherings.

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    15. You still totally hate ordering meals, especially if you're a picky eater.


    16. And phone calls are the bane of your existence.

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    17. Getting your photo taken is still as painful as it was on the first day of kindergarten.

    18. You kinda hate your birthday because having that much attention focused on you makes you really uncomfortable.


    19. You've definitely, at some stage, read an article centered around how to be more outgoing.


    20. And people have definitely said to you "Stop being so shy!" or "It's because you're shy" like it's something you can just automatically switch off.


    21. Others can tend to stereotype you as someone they can walk all over...


    22. ...but more often than not, you're totally capable of sticking up for yourself.

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    23. And you know your family and friends love you, no matter what.


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