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    19 Of The Worst Things That Ever Happened In Primary School

    Fuck asphalt playgrounds.

    1. Failing to get your pen license.


    2. Tangling your light up Yo-Yo so badly it was beyond fixable.

    3. Accidentally killing your Tamagotchi.

    YouTube: supertamagotchiful / Via

    4. Getting caught in "What's The Time Mr Wolf?"


    5. Cutting the sides of your mouth on Zooper Doopers.

    6. Or trying to push your Sunnyboy up, and having it fall right out.

    National Foods

    7. Going for a drink at the bubbler on a hot day, and experiencing the water come out so bloody warm.

    Warner Bros.

    8. Going to the sports shed at lunch, only to find out the item you wanted to borrow has already gone.

    Universal Pictures

    Where's my goddamn Hula Hoop?!

    9. Having your teacher make a new seating arrangement and not being placed near any of your friends.


    10. Dressing the exact same as someone else during Book Week.

    Warner Bros

    11. Covering your books then realising they're full of bubbles from the contact.

    YouTube: jamilyah jordan / Via

    12. Playing this game and not getting a good result with your crush.


    13. Buying a paddlepop and having it melt all over your uniform during summer.

    14. Burning your bum on the hot (p)leather seats of the school bus in the afternoon.

    ARK Music Factory

    15. Playing games at recess or lunch, and falling over on the goddamn asphalt.


    16. Finally getting some momentum during Double Dutch skipping, then fucking it up.


    17. Being put on rubbish duty if you did something bad in class.


    18. Singing the national anthem during assembly and having to endure that one teacher belting it out, louder than anybody else.


    19. And of course, forgetting your hat and not being allowed on the playground.

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