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    19 Canberra Cafés To Brunch At This Weekend

    Add these ones to your brunch bucket list!

    1. The Fox and Bow

    2. Lonsdale St Roasters

    3. The Cupping Room

    4. Penny University

    5. The Elk and Pea

    6. Local Press Café

    7. Pâtissez

    8. Maple & Clove

    9. Ricardo's Café & Pâtisserie

    10. Double Shot

    11. Sweet Bones

    12. Stand By Me

    13. Ona Coffee House

    14. Mocan & Green Grout

    15. Silo Bakery

    Twitter: @citymumruralife

    For everyone with a sweet tooth, make your way down to Silo bakery to fulfill all your pastry, cake, and sugary desires.

    16. Bookplate

    Situated in the National Library, Bookplate will fill you up before you go browsing. Try the green breakfast bowl for something healthy, or if you're feeling something hearty, give the poached eggs and zucchini fritters a try.

    17. Hudson's of Dickson

    18. Good Brother

    19. Café Garema

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