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19 Canberra Cafés To Brunch At This Weekend

Add these ones to your brunch bucket list!

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1. The Fox and Bow

The Fox and Bow boasts a creative menu featuring ever-changing juices and smoothies, and the fluffy pancakes are a sweet choice you won't regret.

2. Lonsdale St Roasters

If a good, strong coffee is what you're after, this is the place to be. The eatery also has a nice selection of food to purchase at the counter, as well as a small breakfast menu that should leave you satisfied.

3. The Cupping Room

This highly rated café will serve you up some delicious treats to keep you satisfied. It may be busy, but don't let that put you off - it's just testament to how good it is.

4. Penny University

Regardless of whether you're after savoury or sweet, Penny University has you covered. Their creative menu is definitely one to try - how many other places whip up a black sticky rice pudding for brunch?


5. The Elk and Pea

With an all-day breakfast and a takeaway menu, The Elk and Pea do all your fave classics, sometimes with a little twist. The menu is also vego friendly, with the quinoa, sun-fried tomato, corn, and zucchini hashbrowns being a must-try.

6. Local Press Café

Local Press Café is all about wholefoods and being your best healthy self. Give the gluten-free waffles with butterscotch pears a whirl.

7. Pâtissez

They're the ones that made the freakshakes famous, so if you're hitting Pâtissez up for the first time, it's pretty obvious what you need to try.

8. Maple & Clove

Tucked away between two hotels, Maple & Clove is another café all about celebrating wholefoods and healthy treats. Definitely check out their variety of delicious juices and snap up some raw bliss balls for a perfect snack.


9. Ricardo's Café & Pâtisserie

If you want a cronut so sugary and delicious it'll leave you gently weeping, Ricardo's is the place to be. I mean, just look at that photo.

10. Double Shot

OK listen up - Double Shot café do Golden Gaytime pancakes. This is not a drill.

11. Sweet Bones

For all your vegan options, Sweet Bones is definitely the place to go. The big breakfast features coconut bacon, tofu scramble, hommus, tomato, and plenty of avocado.

12. Stand By Me

Known as one of Canberra's hidden gems, Stand By Me has an epic menu, with awesome weekend specials. Just check out that apple and cinnamon jaffle!


13. Ona Coffee House

With excellent coffee and a menu that includes poached eggs and polenta chips, shake up your usual weekend routine and pay a visit to Ona Coffee House.

14. Mocan & Green Grout

With coffee to fix all your sleepy needs and a menu with all your faves as well as some creative extras, Mocan & Green Grout will have you coming back for more.

16. Bookplate

Situated in the National Library, Bookplate will fill you up before you go browsing. Try the green breakfast bowl for something healthy, or if you're feeling something hearty, give the poached eggs and zucchini fritters a try.


17. Hudson's of Dickson

For tasty food, and fast, prompt service, Hudson's of Dickson has you covered. Get value for your money with the big breakfast, that will keep you full for the rest of the day.

18. Good Brother

Satisfy all your bacon and egg roll cravings at Good Brother and wash it down with a delicious Campos coffee.

19. Café Garema

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For friendly, attentive service and plenty of breakfast options, you can't go wrong at Café Garema.