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    18 Reasonable Things Every Millennial Deserves From Their Parents

    Hey guys, Malcolm said you should buy me a house? Mum?? Dad?? Did you just hang up??

    Australia's transport minister Darren Chester recently said he thinks parents should help their teenage children buy their first car.

    Safer drivers, safer roads, safer cars:we can do better in 2017 @AAAcomms @RACWA @theracv @NRMA #safetravels #auspol

    He told 6PR radio, "It is about recognising that if you are in a safer car, the chances are that you’ll have less chance of having a crash, and also you’ll have a better chance of walking away from it if it does occur."

    Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull last year echoed this sentiment that wealthy parents should help their children buy things, like, for example, their first home. So it seems only natural to think about what else we can add to the list.

    1. First things first: A house.

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    I mean, prime minister Turnbull did say it.

    PS if you're reading this Mum and Dad, don't spend a million on a tin shed in Glebe, try the burned-out house in Surry Hills first.

    2. And of course, a better car.


    Don't stop at a neat $10,000. Push the limits. Get a $50,000 people-mover. The sky's the limit.

    3. Personalised number plates for said car.

    4. And, of course, some luxurious upholstery.

    5. Also, the car insurance while we're at it.


    You dont' expect us millennials to pay for a good car AND the insurance, surely??

    6. And maybe the weekly petrol as well.

    Screen Gems

    That'd be super handy thanks.

    7. Oh, and our weekly groceries.


    Considering our parents provided food during our childhood and teen years, why stop now that we're in our twenties?

    8. Our daily coffee and avocado on toast.

    Warner Bros.

    I thought I'd retire this joke in 2017, but when the opportunity strikes...

    9. A puppy.


    Caring for something else would teach damn millennials some responsibility.

    10. Dog food for the puppy.


    Like I said, we can't be expected to pay for EVERYTHING by ourselves.

    11. Puppy day care.


    Also we can't like handle a puppy full-time. We have a life, ya know?

    12. A holiday, when taking care of the puppy is just too much to deal with.


    Or maybe you can babysit Mum and Dad? Mum??? Dad???

    13. With five-star accommodation of course.



    14. A weekly bar tab at our local.


    If I don't have to pay for my after-work social drinks, then I can start saving to buy my own avocado toast!

    15. Our phone bills so we can call home more often.

    Not that I'm trying to guilt-trip anyone or anything.

    16. A couple of university degrees.

    If the 'rents could just handle that HECs debt that'd be awesome.

    17. And full financial support when we're in our third year of interning.


    Gotta get experience somehow.

    18. Oh and some financial support when we've graduated, completed numerous internships, and still can't get a job. That'd be A+.

    Mum??? Dad??? Did you block my number???

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