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18 Reasonable Things Every Millennial Deserves From Their Parents

Hey guys, Malcolm said you should buy me a house? Mum?? Dad?? Did you just hang up??

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Australia's transport minister Darren Chester recently said he thinks parents should help their teenage children buy their first car.

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He told 6PR radio, "It is about recognising that if you are in a safer car, the chances are that you’ll have less chance of having a crash, and also you’ll have a better chance of walking away from it if it does occur."

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull last year echoed this sentiment that wealthy parents should help their children buy things, like, for example, their first home. So it seems only natural to think about what else we can add to the list.

1. First things first: A house.

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I mean, prime minister Turnbull did say it.

PS if you're reading this Mum and Dad, don't spend a million on a tin shed in Glebe, try the burned-out house in Surry Hills first.


3. Personalised number plates for said car.


4. And, of course, some luxurious upholstery.

Red leather seats or GTFO.