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27 Irritating Struggles Of Living With Roommates

I swear to god, it is NOT my turn to buy the toilet paper.

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There's no doubt living in a sharehouse has it's super fun times.


Your housemates can become your close friends, there's always someone to marathon trashy TV shows with and communal cook-ups can be the best.

3. When you've been craving an OJ, and you open the fridge only to find a drizzle of it left.

5. When you're cooking a delicious dinner and your housemate is all "can I have some?"

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So you say yes because you feel guilty but of course they don't offer any compensation or to cook for you another time.

6. When you've been gone a few days, come home and the bin looks like this.

If it's full. TAKE IT OUT.

9. When the sink is full of other people's dirty shit, but you don't want to clean up after them because THE PRINCIPLE OF IT ALL.

10. And when their general idea of cleanliness is a tad different to yours.

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