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    27 Irritating Struggles Of Living With Roommates

    I swear to god, it is NOT my turn to buy the toilet paper.

    There's no doubt living in a sharehouse has it's super fun times.


    Your housemates can become your close friends, there's always someone to marathon trashy TV shows with and communal cook-ups can be the best.

    But there's also struggles of living with other human beings that don't seem to be able to read your mind.


    Let's get into them, shall we?

    1. When the toilet paper runs out and you feel like you're the only one that ever actually buys it.

    Do you guys like... not need it or something?

    2. When you finally decide it's time to get out of bed and have a shower, but someone beat you to the punch.

    3. When you've been craving an OJ, and you open the fridge only to find a drizzle of it left.

    4. When someone has put the empty milk container BACK in the goddamn fridge.

    5. When you're cooking a delicious dinner and your housemate is all "can I have some?"

    Twitter: @selena_crying

    So you say yes because you feel guilty but of course they don't offer any compensation or to cook for you another time.

    6. When you've been gone a few days, come home and the bin looks like this.

    7. When your bathroom sink is covered in hair that's definitely not yours.

    Twitter: @YungxEscobar / Via

    8. Or your shower definitely has some ~suspicious~ hair clinging desperately to the tiled wall or floor.

    FOX / Via

    Pubes. I'm talking about pubes.

    9. When the sink is full of other people's dirty shit, but you don't want to clean up after them because THE PRINCIPLE OF IT ALL.

    10. And when their general idea of cleanliness is a tad different to yours.

    11. When you have a housemate that's obviously allergic to putting stuff away and just keeps stacking plates on top of each other.


    12. When you take care of paying the bills and there's always that housemate that can't pay up on time.


    13. When you say you're off to bed, but they keep talking so you're slumped against the wall trying to be polite.

    EA Games
    EA Games

    14. When you're off to catch some zzz's and your housemate is watching something on their laptop... with the volume up as high as it can go.


    Headphones? Please?

    15. When it's 2am and your drunk housemate has forgotten how to use their key.

    New Line Cinema

    16. When it's 8am on Saturday morning and your housemate is blaring music.

    Hartbeat Productions

    17. When your housemate's alarm wakes you up but not them.

    Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images
    Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images


    18. Or when you're not a morning person in general and they're trying to start an in-depth conversation with you.


    19. When you hear your housemate having very loud, vigorous sex.

    Bravo / Via

    20. When your housemate is having loud, vigorous sex in the bathroom and you really need to pee.


    21. When your housemate gives their bae a spare key to the place...

    ...and then they just start to pop up completely unexpectedly.

    22. When your messiest housemate leaves a passive aggressive note on the fridge letting you know they did SOMETHING for once.

    23. When you've had a loooong day and your housemate talks non-stop... / Via

    ...and they let you know every, single detail and drama of their day.

    24. And when you're in a ~mood~ and they can't read the room and won't leave you alone.


    Yes, even if it's your OWN room.

    25. When you're watching a TV show and they won't stop talking in the most important bits.


    Even after you pause and shoot them a ~look~.

    26. When they don't give you a heads up that their family or friends are visiting and you walk out of your room with messy hair and minimal clothing.

    27. And when your ~things~ just magically disappear...

    Lmao I swear to god I just bought new toothpaste last week, the tooth fairy must have been back and taken some!

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