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7 Things You Missed In Episode 4 Of "The Bachelorette" Australia

Cause of my death: Courtney and Georgia's awkward non-kiss.

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1. Courtney finally used his golden date card.

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Georgia was very excited because normally she does “the planning” of the dates, and this time she didn't know what to expect, which we know is 100% a lie. Courtney picked Georgia up in a Kombi van, because he's more of a "Kombi guy" than a "Ferrari guy", which I take to mean he breaks down a lot and no one thinks he's cool.

They then went "skurfing", which was something to do with surfing behind a boat, and Courtney made some creepy-ass comment about how he finds girls attractive when they're out of their comfort zone. Courtney, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

3. And then Courtney fucked up when it came to kissing Georgia.

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IDK maybe it's because he finally realised they have the chemistry of two dead fish.

Seems like Courtney should rewatch some of Richie's season to get some lessons from the pash bandit himself.


4. Courtney organised the group date, which turned out to be "crappy car racing".

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It consisted of building a "crappy car" aka a billy-cart, then racing it.

Courtney's group date consisted of Tommy, Ryan and Matt D, which was a very strategic move on his behalf, because we all know one of them will go home tonight. Fireman Cam, Jake, and Fancy Clancy also made the cut, probably because they're less attention seeking than Rhys and Sam. And let's be real, Rhys and Sam were probably having a better date back at the house.

Fancy Clancy and Jake had no fucking idea how to make their "crappy car", which is the most relatable thing I've seen this season. I then had a slight nap while the rest of the date happened, because much like Courtney and Georgia's chemistry, the date was boring af.

5. Tommy won alone time with Georgia, and literally everyone was like "who?"


Tommy, my office sweep, FINALLY got some alone time with Georgia. I get the vibe he won't be winning me $32 any time soon, which sucks because I could really use that money to fund my next two bottles of wine for Wednesday and Thursday nights.

I honestly could not find a GIF of Tommy, so here's an image of me watching the two of them chat.

6. Sam and Jake surprised Georgia at the cocktail party with a dessert that took them a week to make??

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I don't know if they meant it took a week to perfect the method, or if the dessert was literally a week old. Stay tuned for the two of them in MasterChef 2017.

Rhys said the "gimmicky stuff" was not his thing, but I am eternally grateful for that weird dessert, because it saved us from hearing another one of his poems.

7. And Tommy got booted.

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It was nearly kind of... sad? He tried to talk to Georgia, and got booted, and I feel like so many primary school flashbacks just happened to him. And I lost the office sweep ugh.