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    18 Times Chris Hemsworth Was Actually Dad Goals

    Like, proper father goals. None of this daddy shit.

    1. When he returned home from the premiere of The Huntsman and was on late-night snack duties.

    2. And when he got to work creating a birthday cake for his daughter.

    3. When he admitted this photo may say more than his kid, but that his son was still awesome.

    4. When he snuggled up to his twins.

    5. When his son was a dentist in training.

    6. And when he got a little help with his morning coffee.

    7. When India Rose visited him on set for The Huntsman.

    8. And he shared this cute story about the set visit.

    9. When his wife caught this adorable moment on camera.

    10. When his daughter told him that she wanted to be more like her brothers...

    11. ...and he gave her this advice:

    12. When he worked out, casually lifting his toddler with one arm.

    13. When he practised yoga with his little girl.

    14. And when they all stopped to admire the view.

    15. When he did this impression of his screaming kids on a plane...

    16. ...and when Ellen and Chris came up with the idea for separate planes for babies.

    17. When he was unfazed about hanging with his daughter and his nieces.

    18. And when Chris, Elsa, and their three adorable children were the actual definition of family goals.