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    18 Things Everyone Should Know Before Moving To A Big City

    It's a whole new world.

    1. Really consider selling your car.

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    If you're not driving to work, chances are you'll be driving it only once or twice a week maximum. Public transport, while it has many faults, is just too damn convenient.

    2. Always check the live train timetable before jumping on a train.

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    3. Definitely get an Opal card, Oyster card, or whatever it is that your city uses, rather than relying on paper tickets.

    You can set it up with your bank account to transfer money automatically which is so much easier than worrying last minute about buying a ticket.

    4. Stick to the left on escalators if you don't want to walk up them.

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    Honestly, it's like the rules of city-living. Don't be that annoying person holding everyone back.

    5. Avoid paying intense attention to your phone when walking in crowded places.


    Just always look where you're going, and don't randomly stop on a crowded pathway. Common sense really.

    6. Suck it up and live in a sharehouse to start with.


    Not only will rent be cheaper, you'll hopefully meet people you like, and worst case scenario... well you can always move.

    7. Don't sign the lease with complete strangers if you don't have to.

    If you've moved in with randoms and they already have the lease, don't sign on straight away. Sublet from them and if things work out, fantastic. If they don't, you can give them notice and move out without too much hassle and worry about breaking a lease.

    8. Get used to walking a lot.


    Even if it's just to the station and back, you'll find your casual step count definitely increases in the city.

    9. Don't be surprised if people walk into you, cut you off, bump you, and don't apologise.


    Eventually it won't hurt your feelings.

    10. Get ready to adjust your notions of what's expensive and what's not.

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    $9 for a juice? Done. $13 for a sandwich, OK then. $22 for a salad at the pub, fine, take my money.

    11. But learn to budget effectively.


    Your rent price will skyrocket and while you get used to paying more for meals and drinks, you'll quickly learn the fine art of budgeting... hopefully.

    12. Definitely be on the safe side, and book a table whenever you're going out for dinner.


    There's nothing less fun than showing up and waiting for over an hour, or not even getting a table at all.

    13. What you consider "far away" vs. what city people think is "far away" are two very different conceptions.

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    Your hometown may be six hours away - some city people may complain about having to travel 45 minutes to another suburb. But tbh, eventually you'll be that person too.

    14. Visiting friends may mean you have to catch a train, a bus, and another train just to get to their suburb.

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    Either you just don't wanna get stuck in traffic, or you're without a car and it's the only way.

    15. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you find yourself lost.


    Sure, city people bump into you without saying sorry, but most people at traffic lights or in stores will be happy to point you in the right direction.

    16. It can be hard to make friends.


    If you already have friends in the city, that's fine and dandy, but it's easy to feel distanced when you move to a new city and everyone's already settled in their own cliques. Hopefully you can hit it off with your co-workers, but it's also a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, and join gym classes, a social sports team, or start volunteering.

    17. There's probably no such thing as a "quick trip" to the grocery store.


    If you've sold your car, the days of jumping in it and doing the groceries in under 30 minutes are long gone. Unless you're within walking distance of grocery store, consider buying bits and pieces after work or signing up for online delivery.

    18. And eventually the big city won't feel all that big.


    Once you meet people, and get to know your way around, what was once daunting isn't so anymore. Somedays you'll still get lost in the anonymity of it all, while other days you'll bump into three people you know at a random grocery store.

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