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    23 Memes All True Wine Moms Will Love

    Oh my god Carol, this is so us.

    1. When Carol invites you over to another dinner party but her wine cellar is too good to refuse.

    2. When you always, always make sure to buckle the kids in before zooming off.

    3. And when you know what stickers people really should be displaying on their cars.

    4. When you got "lost" on your day off.

    5. When you sit down for the 6pm news and finally get a story worth watching.

    6. When you have a night with the hubby but your focus is on something more important.

    7. When you cracked this joke at your local mothers group and had the other ladies in stitches.

    8. And when this joke made you the most popular lady at school trivia night.

    9. When your two vices start begging for your attention.

    10. When you're feeling a little risky and frisky, and Carol should really know better than to tell you what you can and cannot do.

    11. When the ladies suggest a wine tour and you have your goals set.

    12. When your hubby asks you what you want for Christmas from the kids.

    13. When you know the true value of celebrating every day.

    14. When Carol bought you the most perfect Secret Santa present ever.

    15. And when your mother-in-law took the kids for the weekend and you were set.

    16. When you're after a new cooking wine, but will only use a minimal amount for actual cooking.

    17. When that flippin' annoying bird Debbie - the one with the whiny voice from the PTA - questioned your drinking, and you were like, "HONESTLY Debbie, it wouldn't KILL you to have some fun."

    18. When your daughter came home and started talking about "contooring" or some shit, but you knew what real skills are all about.

    19. When you realised your life wasn't exactly like the Sex and The City vision you once had.

    20. When Debbie was back at it again with the fucking stupid questions.

    21. When you tried to communicate with your husband on his level.

    22. When you wrote this touching poem about work because your boss Barry was staring at you, and you had to attempt to look busy.

    23. And when the ladies suggested a "girl's retreat" and you've never been more ready in your life.