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24 Photos That Prove Brown Eyes Are Superior


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1. Beyoncé is the queen of music and Instagram and just happens to sport brown eyes. Coincidence? I think not.

2. Sophia Bush has awesome style and she also sports some trendy brown peepers.

3. Shay Mitchell is an absolute goddess and is always flawless.

4. Jessica Alba's natural good looks are complemented by her enviable dark eyes.

6. Not convinced yet? Just look at that smoldering stare. It's all down to the eyes.

7. The eyes are the window to the soul, and Keira Knightley's emulate perfection.

8. Mindy's sly smile and twinkling eyes can get anyone hooked.

9. Lea Michele proves once and for all brown eyes are super sexy.

11. Britney's chocolate-coloured eyes have captivated people worldwide for nearly TWO decades.

12. So the hair may be dividing people, but there's no denying Kim K's eyes are flawless.

14. J.Lo never ages — therefore people with brown eyes have SUPER POWERS.

18. Shemar Moore is basically staring straight into your soul.

21. Gwen Stefani proves that dark-eyed people are also extremely badass fashion icons.

22. If this photo doesn't already make you melt, Josh Duhamel's luscious brown eyes will.

23. Vanessa Hudgens dark eyes + her perfect red lip = match made in heaven.

24. And if you still needed extra proof — this is what a complete power friendship looks like.

Bow down to the brown-eyed gods and goddesses in our world.