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21 Questions "Home And Away" Left Unanswered

How's Colleen doing these days? Update?

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1. OK, first thing's first, how does one tiny town survive SO much drama?

Landslides, shootings, catastrophic storms - it's amazing Alf, Irene and the longer-lasting characters are still alive.

2. How many Summer Bay stalkers is too many?

Channel Seven

I mean it's been a while right, maybe 2015 can be the resurface of some sad lover of either Zoe or Sarah coming to get revenge?

15. Who thought after all the drama of Vinnie, that killing him in a "farming" accident was an ideal way for him to go?

17. Are people in Summer Bay scared of others who aren't white and beautiful?

Graham Denholm / WireImage

You're endlessly entertaining Summer Bay, but there's a severe lack of multiculturalism.

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