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This Fan Noticed Something Pretty Spooky In Season 1 Of "Grey's Anatomy"

Warning: spoilers!

Meredith Grey has had it pretty rough since the loss of her husband, Derek Shepherd, and her tensions with his sister Amelia have been an ongoing storyline.

Amelia is obviously devastated that when Meredith pulled Derek's life support, she didn't consult his family or give his sisters a chance to say goodbye.

Since then, the two women have butted heads constantly and had some pretty epic showdowns.

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However, recently Reddit user Saskatchewanbr started rewatching Grey's and noticed something pretty interesting in Season 1.

"In Season 1, Episode 2, the rape victim is in a coma," the redditor pointed out, quoting Derek's conversation with Mer: "I have four sisters... If I were in a coma, they'd all be here. I'd want them here."

Well, Meredith...

...looks like you have some explaining to do.