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For Everyone Who Was Obsessed With Silverchair Growing Up

Reunion? Please?

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In the early '90s a blessing occurred: a young group of teens formed a band and performed under the name of Silverchair*.

Thus Frogstomp was born, in all its grungy glory and spurred the hit songs "Tomorrow" and "Israel's Son".

Youtube: Silverchair VEVO / Via

And boy oh boy could these 15-year-olds fucking rock it. YES. THEY WERE ONLY 15! What were you doing at 15 that was better than this? Nothing? Same.


"Straight Lines" was the first single released and let's be honest... even if you didn't love it to start with, it grew on you until you realised it is a really fucking good song.

Young Modern was also Silverchair's fifth consecutive album to hit number one on the Aria charts, making them the first band to accomplish this feat in Australia.

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