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18 Things People With An All-Black Wardrobe Will Relate To

No, I'm not trying to be goth.

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1. People are constantly asking if you're OK.


2. As well as why you wear so much black.

3. "Are you trying to be goth?"


4. "You know the Emo scene died out right?"


5. Your mother or grandmother not-so-subtly suggest you brighten up your wardrobe.

6. And when you're shopping with them, they pull out all the colourful clothes in a desperate bid to get you to try them on.


But you won't.

7. So you just go shopping by yourself. And it tends to look a little like this:

8. Except sometimes you branch out and add a touch of grey or white to your wardrobe.


9. You look up to celebrities who totally pull off the all black look.

10. This speaks to you on a spiritual level.

11. People think there's always a reason why you're wearing so much black.

ABC Family

No, I'm not trying to look "slimmer" can I live?!

12. And often people will comment with "You look so washed out!"

20th Century Fox Television

13. So your closet may be ~dark~ but it's filled with all the essentials.

And some colours.

14. You even tend to buy just black underwear...


15. ... and shoes.

16. And if you accidentally spill stuff on black clothes, it's a lot less obvious.

Buena Vista Pictures

So take that.

17. More than anything you get judged in summer.

Black is so not sunny and fun you guys.

18. But you don't really care, because you know black is your shade and you'll continue rocking it.