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    19 Things Only People Who Hate Their Birthdays Will Understand

    I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, but please go away.

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    1. You dread the time of year when your birthday rolls around.

    2. Maybe it's the thought of turning another year older that haunts you...

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    3. ...or maybe the idea of everyone fussing over you makes you sweat profusely.


    4. Whatever the reason, you kinda wish your birthday could quietly slip by and no one would notice.


    5. When you say you don’t want to do anything for your birthday, everyone looks at you like you’re a three-legged dog that just got punched in the face.

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    6. Look, it's not like you're trying to act like an ungrateful twerp, it's just your birthday makes you feel uncomfortable.

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    8. You dread going to work on your birthday, because you know everyone will make a big fuss.


    9. And you wish invisibility cloaks were a thing when it comes to people singing "Happy Birthday."

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    10. Because honestly, what is worse than a group of people singing an annoying song while you stand in front of a cake cringing?

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    11. Every year the pressure of trying to tell people WTF you want is almost too much.

    12. For some reason, your original birthday plans of "Netflix and bed" are always ignored.


    13. The pressure of organising your own dinner or party to celebrate your life makes you feel super awkward.

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    And you're bad at mingling even at your own damn party.

    14. Really, all you want is to be left alone to mull* over your newfound age.


    *Cry. Cry over.

    15. Even if you hide your birthday on all social media, people manage to remember.


    16. And you sometimes start screening your calls, because mustering fake enthusiasm for your family can get a little draining.


    17. Your friends will always go out of their way to make sure EVERYONE knows it's your special day.


    Even more so once you admit you hate it.

    18. And if your birthday falls near any special occasion like Christmas, it's even more torturous.


    19. Basically, you'd just be fine with ignoring your birthday every year...

    ...but maybe still getting one or two sneaky presents. In front of no one. Just delivered to your door. With a pizza.

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