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    We Went To Bieber Island And This Is What Happened

    Honeydew the most.

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    Justin Bieber has been doing the media rounds in Australia, and part of that involved him performing on Cockatoo Island with hundreds of his closest fans.

    Tahlia Pritchard

    We mere commoners, Tahlia, Anna and Mat, are just three mid-twentysomethings vying to feel young again. So we went along for the ride to see what all the fuss was about.

    Here's how it all went down:

    I still don't know if this will help me wake up

    Tahlia: Of course I know who Bieber is, but I'm not an avid listener of his tunes. There was that one time I danced to "Somebody To Love" in a frog towel however. I was excited to see him perform live, even if it meant potentially losing my hearing with all the teen scream queens.

    Mat: My knowledge of music is so bad. Whenever people ask me what I like I usually just say "I only listen to Joni Mitchell," because that's pretty much true, so IDK I'm probably not the best person to be waking up at 5 a.m. to go to a Bieber concert. Do kids still say "concert"?

    Anna: I'm digging deep here, the only Bieber song I know is "baby, baby, baby, oh!" ....Wait. That's his song, right? I've never been on Cockatoo Island. I guess I can tick that off my list now... visited Cockatoo Island, oh, and, Justin Bieber is there!

    We got to the wharf bright and early (OK just early) at around 6 a.m. so we could hop aboard Bieber boat to head to Bieber Island.

    It was all initially a bit of a struggle.

    No coffee options at 6am is honestly so cute Sydney, really.

    But with the sun rising over the harbour, the Bieb's tunes blaring and of course a glimpse of the man himself, things were looking up pretty fast.

    When we got there, the crowd and the overall mood was overwhelming to say the least.

    I can't believe how many people are screaming for our arrival #BieberIsland

    I can't believe this many people are screaming for a souvlaki truck #BieberIsland

    But before Biebs hit the stage, there was time for a quick breakfast...

    Biebs is not happy lining up for coffee and breakfast #BieberIsland

    ...a mingle with his biggest fans...

    ...and of course a quick caffeine hit before things really got underway.

    Then. THEN, it was time for the magical live performance.

    Mat Whitehead

    Our view may not have been spectacular, but there was no denying his voice was that of an angel, sent down to us from the musical gods.

    Tahlia Pritchard

    And of course, the crowd and their phones were absolutely INSANE.

    Tahlia Pritchard

    We may or may not be a little deaf right now.

    Biebs played a great variety of songs from "Where Are U Now"...

    Honeydew honeydew honeydew the most #BieberIsland the ever popular "Boyfriend."

    Third song: Boyfriend. My fav Bieber song about burritos. Never let you go ❤️❤️ #BieberIsland

    And in between performing he even photobombed Sam and Kochie from Sunrise.

    Sad Bieber photo ops w @kochie_online and @sam_armytage @sunriseon7 #BieberIsland

    In fact, it was all so intimate, wherever you turned, there he was.

    And when it was all said and done, we were TOTALLY converted to real, dedicated Beliebers.

    After a bit of initial confusion about leaving the island...

    "The ferries will not leave until this is over" - literally the most terrifying thing anyone has ever said to my face

    ...we finally made it safely back to the city.

    Tahlia Pritchard

    And naturally, we had some final thoughts about the whole experience.

    Tahlia: Justin is DAMN good live. Because I'm short AF I couldn't see him perform as much, but you know when someone can just win you over with their live vocals, they're doing things right. The crowd was also great and the addition of coffee and bacon and egg rolls really made it a 10/10 morning and I assure you, I am not a morning person.

    Mat: I was honestly way too shady about this going into it. Why was it so early? Why did we have to get on a boat? Why was there no damn coffee open early enough for me to benefit from?! BUT, throughout all *MY* struggles, Justin was such a dynamic performer and bounced from singing/dancing to TV interviews and radio interviews and honestly never missed a beat. Also all his fans were just really polite. I had a great time. I Beliebe.

    Anna: OMG I was breathing the same air as Justin Bieber!!!! I mean, he was pretty awesome. Up at the crack of dawn and already doing back-to-back interviews and performances. You can't really say that about a lot of 20-somethings. Oh dear, I think I'm a converted Belieber.

    Love yo work Biebs.

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