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    Posted on 22 Sep 2016

    Turns Out Carlos From “The Bachelorette” Did Get His Tiffany Bracelet Back

    Maybe a pasta bracelet next time Carlos?

    If you tuned into the premiere of The Bachelorette Australia last night, you would've definitely noticed Carlos.

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    Gifting Georgia Love with a Tiffany bracelet, Carlos was quite the smooth sailer.

    😮 <- my face when Carlos whipped out the Tiffany & Co bracelet #BacheloretteAU

    But when he was eliminated, it left many wondering... what happened to the bracelet?

    Fuck id laugh if Carlos asks for the Tiffany bracelet back!! #BacheloretteAU

    Well, Carlos told BuzzFeed he did indeed get the bracelet back.

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    "I had a bit of a giggle and a laugh watching myself," he said. "I did get the bracelet back from Georgia... it got handed to me with a lovely note."

    And when asked if he'd do anything differently, the ~business mogul~ said he "probably would've gotten Georgia a pasta bracelet".

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    Taking note from fellow contestant Courtney, who gave Georgia a pasta bracelet (and in doing so, won the coveted "Golden Date Card"), at least Carlos can laugh at himself.

    Fellow eliminated contestant Dale was pretty chill about the whole experience, but had a lot of nice things to say about the guys in the house.

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    "The guys are so great... like I was more in love with the guys than Georgia," he told BuzzFeed. And when asked if he'd do anything differently if he had his time again? "I'd bring a bigger donkey... or some sort of animal like a cow. Maybe a dairy cow!"

    Tbh we haven't uncovered what happened to the actual donkey yet.

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    Stay tuned.

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