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    19 Times Olivia Benson Was Totally Badass

    There'd be no order without Liv.

    1. When her steely determination was next level.

    2. When she didn't hesitate to put perps exactly in their place.

    3. And when she had the best comebacks to them.

    4. When she was totally fearless in the face of danger.

    5. And when she proved she's rarely afraid.

    6. When she gave some #realtalk in regards to sexual assault.

    7. Again and again.

    8. She didn't stop when it came to delivering truth-bombs about domestic violence either.

    9. When she proved a woman could be just as powerful as any man...

    10. ...time and time again.

    11. When she lead her team like the total strong, badass woman she is.

    12. When she knew she was an independent woman who don't need no man.

    13. When she perfected the interrogation stare and you just knew no one should ever, ever mess with her.

    14. When she gave the best "I don't believe you" side-eye.

    15. As well as this exasperated "I'm surrounded by idiots" look.

    16. When she delivered the best words of advice, straight from the heart.

    So basically every episode.

    17. When she formally adopted Noah and your heart melted...

    18. ...because basically she'd be the most badass mother of all time.

    19. And of course, when Taylor Swift named her cat after her, because Olivia is goddamn iconic.