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19 Best Things About Being A Short Girl

It's not all height battles and clothes that don't fit.

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1. You very rarely have to worry about being taller than your crush or S.O.

Even if they're not-so-tall themselves.

2. Not to mention you're the perfect little spoon.

3. You can save money when buying clothes and/or shoes by shopping in the kid's section.


OK, so maybe not for all your fashion needs, but there's potential to save some money on basic things like tees or running shoes.


6. Heels were basically made for you.

Then again so are kid's Converses.

7. You're small enough for people to piggy back, which is great on a night out when you can't be bothered walking anymore.

Especially when you're wearing heels.


8. You were always the best at games like Limbo...

13. And when you're travelling you generally have a lot more leg room than your taller companions.

18. And you're also a skilled climber. It comes from all that practicing at supermarkets when you're trying to reach things on the top shelf.