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This Drunk Girl At The Races Is The Hero The World Truly Deserves

"Somebody has lost three dollars!"

Australia's 9News was reporting live from the races yesterday when a good (but drunk) samaritan stole the show.

“Channel Nine, I think you need to know, somebody has lost THREE dollars,” the woman, later identified as Shae Miller, told presenter Phil Willmington.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to find them,” Willmington replied awkwardly. “But if you give it to the security guards…”

“No, no it’s important!” Miller insisted, before shoving the wallet in Willmington’s pocket.

Miller appeared on the Today show this morning to talk about her journey.

She may not be the hero Australia needs, but she's the hero we truly deserve.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Miller for comment.

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