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17 Aussie Celebs Speaking Out About The Postal Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

Celebrities have been sharing their thoughts on Australia's upcoming postal survey on same-sex marriage.

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1. Margot Robbie reminded all Aussies overseas to register their new addresses.

Instagram: @margotrobbie

2. While Daniel MacPherson promised he'd register as an overseas voter.

3. Ruby Rose also showed her support.

4. Jessica Origliasso from The Veronicas urged people to enrol to vote.

5. While Flume also reminded people to do the same.

Australia, please make sure you are enrolled to vote. Love is love 🌈

6. Actor Miranda Tapsell came through with the proof.

7. Former Bachelor Sam Wood showed his support.

Instagram: @samjameswood

8. And last year's Bachelorette Georgia Love said she was "ashamed" to live in a country that "tells anyone their love is less legitimate than someone else's".

9. Josh Thomas called out Tony Abbott.

10. While Tim Minchin recorded a new take on an iconic Aussie song.

Facebook: video.php

11. Magda Szubanski begged people not to lose hope.

My darling young LGBTQI tribe Do not lose hope! Grieve, yes But then rally, safe in knowledge that by far most Aussies love & support us 🌈❤️

12. And Susan Carland offered a heartfelt apology.

Dear Aus LGBTIQ* community. I'm so sorry things are awful right now. You are loved, supported, important. We will get through this together.

13. Karl Stefanovic blasted the government.

"A non-binding, non-compulsory postal vote is complete BS.. Pull your fingers out in Canberra and get on with it.."…

14. David Campbell pointed out how ridiculous the cost of the postal vote was.

$122 million. Not going to schools. Not going to DV shelters. Not going to Cancer research. But a postal vote on #MarriageEquaility

15. While model Jestina Franklin agreed with Alex Greenwich about the postal vote being a "bloody stupid idea".

16. Osher Günsberg tweeted Malcolm Turnbull, saying all Aussies deserve the chance to get married.

.@TurnbullMalcolm tonight I go to sleep in a bed that I share with someone I love so much, I married them. All Aussies deserve same. #ssm

17. And Lee Lin Chin wondered why people would even bother asking her about her support, because it's damn clear.

People keep asking me if I support marriage equality. Seriously, look at me? Is that even something you need to ask?