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21 Questions We Have For Australian Politicians

Why do you talk so much shit?

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1. Why is our internet still SO slow in 2015?

2. You probably started out with so many hopes and dreams and plans. How'd that work out for you?


3. Do you all hate each other as much as it comes across?


4. Why do you behave like sulky children?


5. Why the delay in the push for marriage equality?

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6. Do you really think religious beliefs should play a part in politics?

7. Did Christopher Pyne actually say "grub"?


8. Why is there such a low number of women in cabinet?

9. Which politician lifts the most?


10. Do you sometimes forget what you're saying mid-sentence and that's why you talk so much shit?

11. Regardless, how do you still manage to remember so much?

Or again, is it literally all just bullshit.

12. Do you secretly dread going on Q&A?

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13. And does Tony Jones really annoy you?

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14. Does Wayne Swan even like being called "Swanny"?


15. Do you practice your speeches in mirrors?


16. Is your favourite part of election day the sausage sangas?


17. Is Tony Abbott actually a real life person, or is he just a very convincing puppet?


18. Who'd be the best on karaoke night?


Joe Hockey and his Nickelback tunes?

19. Are you all honestly scared shitless of Leigh Sales?


20. How many coffees do you drink a day?

21. And why do you think it's normal for a bunch of (predominantly) white and (predominantly) male people to make decisions on behalf of the nation?