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    17 Things That Will Make You Question How Americans Even Get By

    Please, guys, stop boiling your water in the microwave. There are other methods.

    1. Um, firstly, they don't use electric kettles?

    nothin fucked me up as much as learning Americans don't own kettles. no wonder trump won

    And they allegedly microwave water so it boils, idk guys, I have no words for this.

    2. I don't know how many times we have to say this, but America, it's time to move on from Fahrenheit.

    3. Honestly, why are you like this?!

    4. Why must you ignore the logic from every other country in order to just do your own damn thing?

    5. Because to be perfectly honest, sometimes your way makes NO DAMN SENSE.

    6. Like ignoring the ability to have a pin on your card and relying on the good old signature method seems a little odd tbh.

    7. And so does your pure obsession with college-related sports.

    8. How do you even get by with the gaps in your toilet doors being so freaking huge? Like I get people won't look on purpose, but how many times has it accidentally happened?!

    9. Also, the fact that your toilet water comes up just mildly uncomfortable.

    10. And the way some of y'all resolve problems doesn't necessarily scream "mature".

    11. Then there's the food. Like, who approved this? A gallon of sugary tea in a GIANT PLASTIC CONTAINER? The fuck?

    12. Don't even get me started on this vomit-worthy idea.

    13. Honestly, I don't want to be rude, but I fail to see logic in so much of what you do, America.

    14. Like this, for example. America, this is when you start RUINING things.

    15. Why on earth do your pharmacies sell beer? Like, why don't you just restrict it to a goddamn bottle shop?

    16. Are you guys actually OK? Really though?

    17. And I couldn't end this post without bringing up your ludicrous policy of not including the tax price on things.