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11 Aussie Musicians Who Could Have Performed At The Logies

The Script and Meghan Trainor performed live, but what about these Aussie musicians?

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2. Dannii Minogue.

She's got that diva stance down pat, and "I Begin To Wonder" would be a banger of a track to play when everyone's beginning to wonder when the Logies will actually finish.

3. Harrison Craig.

He's all scrubbed up and ready to go.


4. Samantha Jade.

Her catchy hit "What You've Done To Me" would wake up anyone that nodded off during Ray Meagher's speech.

5. David Campbell.

He's a man of many talents after all.

6. Anja Nissen.

Anja, previous winner of The Voice, could have sung "I'm So Excited" and used a hologram of That would have spiced things up.


8. Asher Keddie.

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C'mon, look at her.

9. Johnny Ruffo.

Before Summer Bay, Johnny was a contestant on the X-Factor. Here's the proof.

10. Alec Snow.

Speaking of Home And Away babes, Alec is quite the talented performer as frontman of the band Interim.

11. The Veronicas.

OK, so they weren't there, but their song "You Ruin Me" was playing while announcing the nominees for Most Outstanding Actress... so they may as well have been on the stage doing their thing.