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23 Problems That Are All Too Real For Australian Twentysomethings

How am I meant to save up for a house and pay off my HECs at the same time?!

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4. When the government tells you all you need is a good job to afford a good house, and you're like, "HAHA, thanks, Joe, but I don't think it's that easy!"

5. Basically when anyone tries to lecture you about finding a job.

6. Finishing uni and having all post-graduate or entry-level jobs state you need at least two years experience in the field.

10. Which generally means you can't buy that puppy your heart has been begging for anytime soon.

13. When you think of your parents at your age and how much they had accomplished vs. you and it makes you shudder.

I turned 29 today. My parents supported a family of 5 when they were 29 whereas I just had wine and nachos for dinner. 29 is the new 11.

14. Having to use technology like Tinder to find a date.

18. Though feeling like you never actually save adequate amounts of money, because the cost of living is so damn expensive.

20. Finding that right balance between a healthy lifestyle and having fun.

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If I don't drink on weekdays, I can binge-drink on Friday night...right? RIGHT?

22. Constantly comparing yourself to other successful twentysomethings.

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