22 Signs You’re A Rural Kid In The Big City

Tractors VS Trains, People VS Paddocks and Cocktails VS….goon.

1. You’re used to the streets looking like this…

2. …As opposed to this

3. Which results in you feeling like this.

4. Reasons why you previously may have stopped in traffic include…

6. When you found out people catch the train every day to work first you were like:

“Why wouldn’t you just drive?” - Naive country kid.

7. But now you’re a seasoned city-goer, you’re thankful for the public transport system.

Praaaaaaise for the fact you’re not stuck in a traffic jam.

8. Before you moved if someone said the word ‘Opal’ this is what you thought of:

9. But now this is where it’s at.

Turns out ‘tap on, tap off’ isn’t a strange city sex slang.

10. Walking down the street in your hometown, you know pretty much everyone.

…And everyone’s business.

11. And while complete anonymity in the city is great, it eventually gets to this point:

You’d even be up for a conversation with your old local butcher who always kept you talking for half an hour.

12. Renting places or buying things in your country town is like:

Cheap as chips…bitches.

13. Then when you have to go back to city rent prices you’re pretty much looking like this:

There’s some Dawson in all of us.

14. Going out in your country town, it’s all about drinking this:

$2.50 goon and juices at local pubs #yolo

15. While in the city it’s a whole lot classier..

16. …Even though the reality of city drinking will probably look like this:

17. This is about as fancy as your coffee order got in your rural town:

Ahh, the good old cap.

19. Meanwhile in the city, everyone’s all:

20. So ordering coffee for your co-workers can be like:

Are we even speaking in the same language?

21. Within time, you’ll start to get used to city life.

…And even appreciate the concrete beauty of it.

22. But you’ll never forget where you came from.

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