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21 Things All Twentysomethings Living In Sydney Can Relate To

The "I'm really poor and rent is due this week" face.

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1. When you're walking down George street at 5pm.

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2. When rent is due but your funds are dire.

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3. When you're trying to get lunch at the Westfield food court and there's a line up at your favourite place.


4. When you're trying to pick what Thai restaurant to go to in Newtown.

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5. When you go out for dumplings with friends and the place is BYO.


6. When you find out there's trackwork on again at your station.


7. When you miss your bus by one minute.

8. When happy hour at your local pub goes for three whole hours.


9. When you have your friends over for a classy wine and tapas night.

AKA goon and party pies.
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AKA goon and party pies.

10. When you've finished pre-drinks and your Uber driver has Minties in the car.


11. When you wake up after a night out in the city.

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12. When you cross over the bridge and find yourself on the north shore.

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13. When your local barista remembers your order.

14. When you're innocently walking down the street and staff members from the nearby gym try to peer-pressure you to sign up.

15. When you find out your house is inhabited by new roommates... cockroaches.

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16. When your housemate brings someone home and you can hear them having ~fun~.

17. When you have to constantly chase up your real estate for repairs.


18. When your menulog order finally arrives.


19. When you decide to drive your car for the first time in ages.


20. When you finally decide to do something outdoorsy and fun on the weekend and get swarmed by tourists.

21. And when your monthly pay finally comes through.