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19 Times Jenna McDougall Slayed Your Whole Damn Life

Bow down to the Australia's pop-punk princess.

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Introducing Jenna McDougall, the lead singer of Aussie band Tonight Alive. First thing's first, she's a totally amazing vocalist and strong female role model.

Here's a few other times she completely slayed.

1. When she was totally confident being the leading lady of the band.

2. When she rocked a huge festival crowd like no other.

3. And when her infectious smile proved her passion for performing.

4. When she jumped off stage to rescue one of her fans.

5. And was sure to give them a hug after.

6. When she wasn't afraid to wear her thoughts.

7. And when the spotlight was clearly made for her.

8. When she was all about those moments with the band's fans.

9. When she confirmed what we already knew - she's a total superwoman.

10. And when she helped raise awareness with these words.

11. When she totally wasn't fazed by her new friend.

12. And when her neon green hair gave you life.

13. When she took this ridiculously cute photo with Marnie the dog.

14. And when she looked flawless make-up free, surrounded by other cute pups.

15. When she rocked badass necklaces like no other.

17. When she still took time to make her health a priority while touring and recording.

18. When she nailed this yoga move.

19. And when you realise she's done so many amazing things and is only 23.

Continue to keep slaying Jenna!