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19 Tweets About TV This Year That'll Make All Aussies Laugh

Still waiting on Sue's big move TBH.

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1. This theory about the Olympics:

Channel 7 puts on the #Olympics just to advertise their upcoming TV shows, yeah?

2. This gem from Survivor:

I love that guy who said "It's the modern day hunger games" as though the hunger games were a thing that used to happen #SurvivorAU

3. And this great plan:

If I went on #SurvivorAU I'd rock up dressed exactly like Kat but I'd also have a Tiki cup filled with Midori

4. This perfect description of MasterChef:

Recreate the #MasterChefAU experience at home by having your friends yell incoherently at you while you ruin dinner and burst into tears.

5. This selfish boyfriend:

I really want to go on The Bachelor. But I can't because my selfish boyfriend said it would make him feel bad. #TheBachelorAU

6. This crazy, but hilarious moment from The Bachelor:

the saddest part about sasha not getting a rose is she won't have anything to eat in the limo home #TheBachelorAU

7. And let's not forget the most repeated phrase of the series:

Alex at McDonald's drivethru: "Please place your order" "I have a child." #TheBachelorAU

8. This irony:

There is some real irony in airing Gone Girl directly after #TheBachelorAU

9. This summary:

Bachelor date options: 1. Something really high. 2. Something where the girls wear a bikini. 3. Something else I would hate. #TheBachelorAU

10. This probably real conversation:

"Keira... the producers have told me we need at least 6 episodes of you to keep things good so take this and shut up." #TheBachelorAU 🌹

11. And this insight:

All of the eliminated gals are watching tonight's episode like #TheBachelorAU

12. This reasonable demand:

i will not watch the ARIAs until they bring back Madison Avenue and the glass of water

13. And this, which probably did happen:

*Shane Warne desperately searches for the Veronicas Instagram accounts* #arias

14. This 10/10 dish:

Hero of the dish is clearly the pastry, but where's the sauce? It tells the story! 10/10! #MKR #HowmuchBScanwestand?

15. This great outfit description:

When you gotta host #MasterChefAU at 7 but fight the battle of Waterloo at 9

16. These worthy nominees:

Nominations for for 2017 Logies #Logies2016

17. This honest depiction of how goddamn long the Logies goes for:

It turns out it's the #Logies, not the election, that's running all the way to July 2. We have have 54 more days of this.

18. This perfect GIF:

19. And this utterly brilliant joke:

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