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    11 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of Q&A

    "I'll take that as a comment."

    1. The hashtag qanda takes over your Twitter feed at precisely 9.35pm.


    #qanda #opinions #retweetme #toneabetwhereuat

    2. A member from the audience gets REALLY cranky. / Via

    #canteven #qanda

    3. Twitter bags out EVERYONE on the panel at some stage.

    Via Q&A

    Case in point.

    4. There's always someone who has no idea what they're talking about. / Via

    Audience VS Panel VS Twitter = #qanda showdown.

    5. We wonder if Tony Abbott will ever come back. / Via

    #qanda #toneabet

    6. We wait for our tweet to make it on screen. / Via

    ....Then get really excited if it does.

    7. Twitter peeps agree if they ran the country, things would be a lot better.

    8. We wonder if Tony Jones and Kevin Rudd were separated at birth.

    Via Twitter: @tahls

    Srsly though.

    9. Bets are taken whether Tony Jones can get through the show without interrupting anyone.



    10. We wonder if Katie Noonan will ever be back for a well-timed interlude.


    ...Remember that time #qanda cut to Katie Noonan to drown out student protestors? #never4get

    11. Tony Jones 'takes that as a comment.'

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