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10 Signs You've Been Working In A Cinema For Too Long.

Get that popcorn away from me.

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You actually see no new releases anymore because you can't stand going back to your workplace.

Even for free movies. The struggle is real.

In the rare case you cave and go to a movie, you feel the urge to clean up after everyone when it finishes.

Even when it's not even your shift.

You can no longer stomach the smell or taste of popcorn.

Thus forever ruining any movie experience.

You start to lose faith in humans cleanliness every day you have to work. / Via

Picking up popcorn boxes? Fine. Picking up your dirty tissues? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Every time someone complains about prices, it gets harder to hold your emotions in check.

And sometimes it takes all your strength not to use a choc-top as a weapon.

You start to not-so-secretly judge people for their movie choices.

The novelty of drinking free coke wore off a while ago. / Via

Even free FROZEN coke isn't enough to keep you enthused.

You can't even pretend to smile when every second person actually forgets what movie they came to see.

"Uh you know, the one that starts at 6.30pm?" OH WAIT, SO ALL OF THEM?

Because whatever idiot coined the phrase 'There's no such thing as stupid questions' is so very very wrong.

Ditto for the person who came up with 'The customer is always right.'

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